3 Herpes Dating Sites You Must Know

3 Herpes Dating Sites You Must Know

Herpes simplex virus is an infection that can appear in various body parts of a person affected. The most common areas where they are found are around the mouth and on genitals. The doctors have categorized it into two categories. These are HSV-1 and HSV-2. Oral herpes falls under category one causing fever blisters and cold sores around the mouth and face area. The second type is generally responsible for causing outbreaks in the genital area.

Causes of the Disease:

Through direct contact, the disease can pass from one person to the other. This means that the disease can get transmitted through sexual contact. Even the children can get infected through early contact with an infected person. The virus will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The life of a herpes affected person becomes difficult. With age, the disease never goes away. In fact, the conjugal life of a person comes into question. The people are treated much like the HIV patients and are segregated from others. They often strive to get their life partners. So, some sites have come up with the novel idea of letting herpes singles date and find their partners. Some mention worthy are mentioned by us underneath. Find out what they are:

Positive Singles

All singles having herpes or the other kinds of sexually transmitted disease can find this site interesting. They can change their outlook towards life by finding a comforting partner who would understand their problems and support them when they need. This site has so far known to be the best dating site that people with STD can find. They offer you privacy and so you can be sure that your data won’t be sold to a third person.

Herpes Passion

Another notable site is Herpes Passion. With the site at your exposure you will never feel lonely and without someone caring for you. You might have got herpes, but that will not stop you from seeing people or dating them. Maybe in these sites, you are going to find a lifelong partner. Becoming a member at Herpes Passion is relatively easy. Just sign up and you are ready to go! As this one is a professional site so you can be up for some serious dating. The developers have created the site to be safe the utmost possible.


The American based international herpes dating community provides total access to the pc site, mobile site, android and iOS apps. This site filters out other types of sexually transmitted diseases. They help one to find friends, love, and support. The reason to prompt your choice for this site is that it provides the HSV Singles with the opportunity to be exposed to a non-discriminatory environment. So, here you can be all yourself. The sites let the users maintain anonymity and all the personal information is guarded. This site will help you find a like-minded match.

So, having mentioned about the top herpes dating sites it is worthwhile to say that these sites have already created thousands of matches and will do the same in the future. If you are in search of a partner, but afraid that you might get rejected because of your herpes then these sites are perfect for you.


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