3 Ways To Tell A Girl You Like Her

3 Ways To Tell A Girl You Like Her

It’s a story told for thousands of years in poetry, songs and every John Hughes movie ever made – boy meets girl and doesn’t know how to say three simple words: “I like you.”

Many therapists have spent many years trying to figure out why those words are so difficult to say.  With vulnerability comes the risk of rejection and no one likes to be rejected.

I met a girl and I liked her – now what?

So, you’ve met a girl and presumably exchanged phone numbers, twitter handles or whatnot.  Maybe you’ve already gone on a date or two. You’re feeling some kind of way and you want to let her know.

Personal vs. impersonal

Here are the best ways to let her know:

– In person:

This is probably the most difficult – the face-to-face discussion.  The downside to this way of telling her that you like her is that you will be able to see her immediate reaction, good or bad.

Telling a girl you like her in person is one of the bravest things a guy can do and doing so might earn him more resect than other methods.  It really depends on your comfort level. Some people cannot overcome their anxiety, no matter how much they want to.

– Over the phone:

Telling a girl you like her over the phone is one step away from telling her in person.  While you can’t SEE her reaction (unless you Skype), you can surely hear it and any awkward silence that comes after your revelation.

– Text/tweet/DM (direct message)/other social media:

Texting, tweeting, etc. might seem like the easiest way to let her know how you feel, but it’s also the least risky and the most impersonal.  Sure, it gives her that extra time to prepare a response, but it can also lead you to seeing those dreaded talk bubbles that appear when someone is typing.

Should I be funny or flirty?

You’ve decided which method of communication to use to tell a girl that you like her, but what do you say and how do you say it?

It really depends on your personality and your interactions with this girl so far.  If you have a joking banter established, you could say it in a funny or teasing way.  If one or both of you is a hopeless romantic, you could go the extravagant “boombox over your head” route.  

Keep it simple

You might feel like you have to give a big speech and explain in painstaking detail how you feel.  But you don’t. You can say the simple words “I like you” and they can mean everything.

I like you, I really like you!

The blooming of any new relationship is one of the most recreated scenarios.  The bundle of nerves, the butterflies in the stomach, the longing for the sound of their voice.  It can all be overwhelming and all-consuming. Once you know that you like a girl, you should definitely share that information and hopefully she’ll like you, too.

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