6 Different Types of Sex Toys Discussed

6 Different Types of Sex Toys Discussed

Sex toys. Those two words bring up a lot of questions that many people are afraid to ask. What are the differences between various types? And exactly how many different sex toys exist? Here’s a quick primer on some of the most common varieties. Hopefully, this information will answer these two questions, as well as any others that you may have.

1) Vibrators

These are toys that sound like exactly what they are – small electronic devices that pulse and vibrate when they are turned on. These devices run on batteries and come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Some masquerade as “massaging” devices, while others are clearly just vibrators. There are many different types, all made for a specific purpose.

For example, G-spot vibrators are designed for women. They are inserted into the vagina and have curved tips that can reach the G-spot. Smaller vibrators can be inserted into the vagina or the rectum (with caution, of course), and are made to vibrate at specific intervals in order to maximize your pleasure. On top of this, there are pulsator vibrators that provide a pulsing sensation. This is quite different than a typical vibrator.

2) Dildos

A dildo is a penis-shaped sex toy that doesn’t vibrate (for the most part.) It remains stationary, and the user has to move it around on their own. There are several different types of these as well, including those attached to a strap or harness, for use in sexual play where a woman penetrates a man or a woman penetrates a woman.

Other types of dildos have two ends, and some even vibrate slightly in order to provide different types of sensations. When using a dildo, you will need to add some type of lubricant to it. Otherwise, you might end up tearing one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Of course, if you’re able to provide plenty of natural lubrication, then that will work as well.

3) Anal Beads

These are another sex toy whose name says it all. Anal beads consist of metal or plastic beads on a very sturdy string that is carefully inserted into the rectum. They provide a very interesting sensation that turns some people on. The best thing to remember about anal beads is that they must be properly lubricated.

When you go to insert them, don’t forget to keep the round end of the string on the outside of that body so that they can be properly removed. You also don’t want to shove them into the rectum. If the first one is inserted right, they will be “sucked in” from there. Basically, use caution when using this sex toy.

4) Penis Rings

Unlike other sex toys, which are either unisex or specifically for women, penis rings are only for men. They are inserted onto the base of the penis and restrict blood flow to the testicles. This prevents the man from climaxing too soon. This is good for the other party involved, as they get additional stimulation.

When the penis ring is removed, the man will climax harder than normal. You do need to be careful when putting on and taking off a penis ring. You also shouldn’t wear one for any longer than 20 minutes, as it can cause some damage. Some penis rings are just that – rubberized rings that don’t do much – while others are designed to vibrate or create a sense of motion above and beyond what the man is doing. Both types work the same way, but the sensations are slightly different.

5) Chastity Belts and Cages

Unlike the chastity belts of the medieval era, which were literally designed to protect a woman’s virginity, these modern-day versions are designed for play. There are also versions for man, called cock cages. Both attach over the genitals are held in place with a lock and key, or a simple latch. Using one of them provides a chance for the partner to control exactly what is done to the other one in bed. Of course, this should never be taken too far outside of the bedroom. That type of control can be damaging.

6) Penis Enlargers

Those words alone may make you think of the first Austin Powers’ movie. However, in real life, these devices are used to help men keep and strengthen an erection. They can also enlarge the penis slightly, both in length and girth, for a short period of time. Basically, they are used in the bedroom in order to enhance sex and make the experience last longer. Plus, if a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, but doesn’t want to take medication, then the enlarging device can help him get an erection in the first place. They are quite useful, as long as you don’t expect to see permanent gains.

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