A picnic date with your partner – All that you need to plan!

  A picnic date with your partner – All that you need to plan!

A picnic is a great idea to take your partner out of the rush and sit with them! A date is obviously a time when you sit back with your partner, relax and talk while telling them how much you adore them.  A picnic makes for a great date idea as it not just gives you time to sit around nature and talk to your partner but builds up a memory too. With so many creative things to do around and enjoy amidst nature, you shall be assured that on a romantic picnic you shall definitely be able to express your love!

While you can go as casual about a picnic, it is generally the planning and arrangements for it done by you that shall win the heart of your partner. A well-planned picnic can never go wrong and shall make your partner rely on you for a lot of things. And hence if you think a picnic date is your thing then here is a small planning guide to help you go for one!

  • Find a suitable place and day

For a perfect picnic, all you need is a perfect place! This can be a famous park around your city, an old fort or on top of a hill nearby. The place you pick shall not be too far for you to take a lot of time getting there and not too near to not feel disconnected from the daily life. Find out the right day and place while asking your partner out for a picnic and confirm with them if they shall be free on the same day. It is all the time, place and the day that shall make the experience worthwhile!

  • Know about the place and routes

Don’t just go about choosing the place because one of your friends has been there! Choose the picnic spot if you actually know the place, have searched well for it, the route is easily trackable and there shall be ease of travel. You don’t want to go on a tour where everything falls apart because of lack of information. Take time out and know about your picnic spot well and learn the nearest tourist points or places of interest for major enjoyment.

  • Prepare the food well

The best part about a romantic picnic with your date is its food! You should plan for the right kind of food to take along with you for the picnic. Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind.

  • Know about your partner’s choice and plan accordingly
  • Carry the travel-friendly food items only
  • Know if your partner has aversion or allergy to anything
  • Packing fruits, bread, potato chips, sugar coated nuts etc. as sides are a great idea.
  • Add in some special items as well which your partner must not have been expecting.
  • Think of the bubbly!

For a picnic date champagne is the ideal drink to pick. You can go for the champagne, fruit champagne or even a fruit beer to go with the food. However, it is important that you pay attention to your partner’s preferences as well. If your partner is comfortable with alcoholic drinks, or the flavour they like matter the most! Choose accordingly!

  • Pack the essentials

For a picnic to be comfortable for you, it is important that you carry with yourself a few necessities which shall help you lounge around nature better. Take up a picnic basket for your food and a small bag for the items listed below to pack and go for the picnic (use online platforms like DealVoucherz for great savings).

  • A blanket to sit and lounge in the grass
  • Cutleries like forks, spoons, glasses to hover over food
  • An extra bag for collecting garbage and throw
  • Napkins
  • A power bank
  • Camera/mobile phone
  • Umbrella or torch for unforeseen situations
  • Don’t be late!

While you are ready to go for the picnic, it is essential that you understand the importance of time. You do not want to be late for your own picnic. And hence make sure you reach to your partner and leave at the desired time. Returning home safely is a concern too and so make sure that you leave from the picnic spot on time and leave the partner to their house at the desired time. Being late shall only make a bad impression and cause worry to both!

Planning a romantic picnic is pretty simple provided you know what to do! Having taken care of all the aspects you can be sure that your date shall go well and make up for the next one!

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