Better penis size to boost Male self esteem

Better penis size to boost Male self esteem

The penis is a symbol of male virility and so men employ various techniques to increase their size and boost self-esteem. A survey reveals that there is a lot of concern regarding how one must go about enlarging the penis. Until recently there is not a proven technique that has solved the problem completely so that the adults can adopt the same universally to have a longer penis. We will try to understand here how one should determine the size of the penis, for measuring the penis it is always correct to measure the stretched penis rather than measuring the penis at rest. It is better to consult an independent physician who after the complete physical examination, gives you the right advice on your penile health. He will measure the length and girth of the penis in both conditions during its erect size and also during the flaccid size. 

While measuring the penis the stretched flaccid length gives you a better idea of the erect penile length and suggests more reliability. One must understand that there is a wide variation in the penis size due to changes in height, weight and the other physical characteristics from person to person. Reports have revealed that cigarette smoking inhibits the blood flow and which prevents the smokers to have a longer penis as it obstructs penis stretching. Doctors advise the patients to shun the negative feelings regarding the penis as it leads to distorted ideas about the body image. The average size of an erect penis is around inches and the flaccid penis is 3.61 inches. Before coming to any conclusions it is important to find out whether the person is suffering from any disorders as the feelings of depression can adversely affect penile health.  

Although there is no known procedure for the better endowment of the male organs, there are certain methods adopted by people to safely enlarge the penis. Surgery can be a good option as suggested by the medical community only when the person is suffering from micropenis. When the person’s penis is shorter than 3-3.5 inches it is known as micropenis. Surgery has many side effects which can lead to infection or increased swelling. At times if the infection becomes severe, the penis may have to be removed. Rather than surgery if a person adopts healthy lifestyle habits and performs regular exercise or workout, it will naturally pump more blood in the penis also leading to better penile health. 

When you surf online websites for penis enlargement techniques you will find that many of them promote the many devices such as extenders, vacuum devices, pills and different types of lotions to help penis enlargement. Although these may appear to one as natural methods of penis enlargement one must adopt the same with a lot of diligence and care. These methods have varying results and but using them rightly will provide some relief to the problem of a smaller penis. Vacuum devices lead to a better flow of blood into the penis and cause to increase their size naturally. The lotions contain various herbs, minerals and vitamins essential for penile health.

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