Common Reasons Why Women Are More Likely to Ask for a Divorce

Common Reasons Why Women Are More Likely to Ask for a Divorce

There are numerous studies that indicate that women do ask for divorces more than men. It is easy to come up with a list of why this is the case. However, it may be surprising to some because there is the perception that women fall in love more easily than men. Divorce is not the easiest thing for any person in this world especially when kids are involved. After all, no one would like to come this far only to part ways like this. Here are the common reasons why women are more likely to ask for a divorce than men.

Women Get Bored Faster

It is surprising that women can easily find their marriage life boring even if others think it is very interesting. Simple things like a partner who is embarrassing in front of friends, life without dates and much more can lead to boredom. Women who are burdened with the stress of raising the kids without equal involvement of a spouse can become bored fast. As a man, you may need to read the signs that your partner is getting bored and throw a party for her, take her out, book a vacation and spice life up in many other ways to show that you care and that she is valued. It is important to make things feel like the younger days when you started dating. All these efforts are to prevent her from asking for a divorce out of boredom.

High Expectations

It is a no-brainer that women have higher expectations of marriage than men. They are also more dedicated to it than men. In the same way, they are disappointed at a higher rate than men if a spouse does not invest as much energy and commitment into the relationship. If their expectations are not met consistently, they are likely to ask for a divorce. According to marriage counselors, quite a significant number of women ask for a divorce because their partners did not create time for the family, are diverting finances to other unknown sources or they are not sexually active among many other things. This can lead to a divorce initiated by the woman.

They Have Found Someone Better

There are many things that a man could be doing wrong to make a woman fall in love with someone else. They may have met online on a website like, which connects different people for relationships. However, if a woman is treated well, she will stick to her marriage without any problems. So the partner will take all the blame if a woman falls for another person.

Men Misbehave More Than Women

Men are more likely to misbehave in one of many ways. The main one that causes problems is infidelity. Not many women can tolerate a man who is used to having affairs with other women. Likewise, women do not like violent men whether under the influence of alcohol or anger. These two issues are actually significant reasons why women ask for a divorce without even giving men a second chance. It is easy for women to ask for a divorce because they look forward to enjoying their life more afterwards. You now have the main reasons why you could be receiving a divorce from your wife soon.

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