Short answer to that question would be some do most don’t.

And the long answer would be most adult dating sites are not worth the money you pay to join them, but there are a few which work if you know where to find them.

Ok my husband and I have joined many adult dating sites in the past hoping to meet up with new women for a threesome only to find the sites we joined are inundated with men and hardly any women at all, not so good for a couple seeking man or women.

Now most people would call these threesome dating sites scams but I truly believe they are trying there best to gain more women members but it’s just not that easy.


Sure there are a few scam sites out there just taking your money and not even trying to match people up with potential dates but these are the minority rather than the majority.

The rest do try there best to match members up with other like minded people but a lot of these just don’t have enough members to justify a membership fee.

Some adult dating sites we have joined in the past have had a lot of fake profilers joining up just to try and get money out of legitimate members by pretending to be broke and asking you to send them money for traveling expenses to visit you.


These are all scammers so don’t fool for it, if anyone asks you for money for any reason on these sites just report them to the adult dating sites staff and they should take care of them.

Some sites will even entice you to join up by advertising models as members and will even go as far as to send out emails to you pretending to be one of these pretty looking girls just so you join the paid members area.

But in all honesty this just puts most people off there sites and makes them go elsewhere.

We joined one threesome dating site that did this to us but we knew it was a made up member contacting us although we thought we would try the site out anyway.

As it happens we managed to meet up with four different women over the course of six months, so they really didn’t need to do this to us in the first place, and it could of put us off and they would have lost a customer instead of gaining one, so I really don’t understand why they do this.


Over the last three years my husband and I have met up for threesomes with many many women which we have met through adult dating sites so yes they do work but choose wisely if your thinking about joining one yourself.

Do research on the site before you join as a paid member, look online for reviews, ask people if they have heard of them and just be cautious when you do join one.

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