Doxy #3 Male Masturbator Attachment

Doxy #3 Male Masturbator Attachment

Doxy #3 Male Masturbator Attachment, designed by Nexus, is made exclusively to fit into the Doxy #3 massager, which is one of the popular models of the Doxy massager or wands. It is shaped in a way that the penis can be inserted into it, and it becomes a powerful masturbator when attached to the massager.

The Design

The Male Masturbator Attachment is made from high quality dual-density silicone. It’s a gorgeous looking masturbator. The entire attachment is completely opaque, and looks like granite with it’s deep dark blue color and teal shimmer. The silicone does not stretch so much. The toy has a grip to it, as it is tight enough, in a good way. The sensual pleasure it provides is further enhanced by the inner circumference that is textured all the way through. A series of dots and ribs run along the inner part. The attachment is about 4.5 inches long and the diameter of the canal is about 1.5 inches.


The attachment is pretty easy to set up. The Doxy #3 massager is designed with a removable cap on the top that is screwed in. So, simply remove this cap or head from your Doxy #3 massager, and then twist and screw in the attachment in place. The screw guarantees that the attachment stays in place firmly. It has a unique thread lock that ensures the two units are locked in together and ready for play.

Insert the penis into the attachment and then turn on the Doxy #3 massager. You will instantly feel powerful vibrations that could stimulate the most sensual and sensitive parts. With this attachment, you have the opportunity to enhance your Doxy #3 massager and have a different level of pleasure.

This Doxy #3 Male Masturbator Attachment comes in sets. Other attachments available are the Rabbit Attachment, the Clitoral Attachment, and the Prostate Attachment. All of these attachments are made by Nexus with the highest quality materials. They are not suitable with any other vibrators and even with other Doxy wand models that are bigger. They don’t work with other brands, as they are exclusively made for the Doxy #3 massager only.

Material and Care

The Doxy #3 Male Masturbator Attachment is made from body safe silicone, so it is definitely safe to use. It is odorless, non-porous material, and hypoallergenic. It is great with any lubricant, but it is always recommended to use water-based lubes if you want to extend the life of your toys. Other lubricants can leave stains and can damage your toys.

The attachment is can be put in water for cleaning only.  Remember that the #3 massager cannot be soaked nor be submerged in water. Note that this massager is a plug-in, thus it must not be used in and anywhere with or near water.  To clean wipe the massager with a damp cloth once unplugged.  The attachment can be put into water once taken off the massager. Let them dry completely before storing in a cool dry place, but not humid. Keep it away from direct sunlight.

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