Enjoy Thrilling Paragliding Experience with a New York City Escort

Enjoy Thrilling Paragliding Experience with a New York City Escort

Richard was a young and brave man who loved taking part in adventure filled activities. Participating in them helped him forget the concerns and problems in his life for some time and provided him excitement and thrill.

Over the years, Richard had taken part in various adventure activities. This time he was keen on doing paragliding in Cape Town in South Africa. For the sake of companionship and to enjoy his paragliding experience even more, he took along with him a beautiful escort from an elite New York City escort service. Her name was Michelle.

They flew to Cape Town for this purpose. On reaching there, they went to Taj Cape Town.  It was a luxury hotel which was ultimate in grandeur and opulence. They booked one of its rooms for their comfortable stay. Tired after a long flight, they spent the rest of their day in their room itself.

Next day, they traveled to Lion’s Head a mountain in Cape Town which is a popular paragliding launch spot. It is located at 669 meters above sea level. They preferred it over Signal Hill another paragliding launch spot as it allowed longer flight and better flight scenic.

In order to launch themselves from the mountain top for paragliding, they had to climb up the mountain first and that too in a fast manner. This is because they had  to catch the wind conditions when they were favorable for flying.

While Richard did not face much trouble in scaling up the in spite of having a backpack filled with paragliding equipment on his back, Michelle began huffing and panting after covering some distance. But he kept on encouraging her which inspired her to put in the best of her effort. She tried hard and somehow managed to match his pace.

As they were trekking towards the top of mountain, they got to see paragliders launching from the top which filled them with excitement. After some time, they too were able to reach the mountain top.

Before doing the paragliding, Richard and Michelle had to fill the indemnity form which they did readily. They took some time assessing the wind conditions to see if these were good for flying.

The wind was strong, so they made the decision to fly. They put on the tandem paragliding equipment and moved further holding the equipment with their hands. Then they jumped from the mountain.

They began flying in the air holding the equipment with their hands. They feared initially, but overcame their fear soon. They could see the clouds above them. When they looked down, they got to view the city of Cape Town which looked breathtakingly beautiful.

They remain suspended in the air for some hours with winds controlling the movement of their paragliding equipment. Moving through the sky provided them a liberating, exciting and adrenaline pumping experience.

Finally, Richard and Michelle reached a green field where they removed their tandem paragliding equipment. It gave them a feeling of triumph and joy. Then they returned to their room in the hotel. After resting for some time, they remembered their paragliding experience and the joy and excitement it gave them. Then they shared some intimated moments. This provided them extreme sensual pleasure which made them feel ecstatic and satisfied.

After some days, they returned back to New York City. Finally, the time came when they bade each other goodbye and hoped to meet again in the future.    

If you too want to indulge in paragliding or any other adventure filled activity, you should take along with you a beautiful escort from an exceptional New York escort service like New York GFE Club. By giving you a great company during your adventure, she will help you to make your paragliding experience more exciting, thrilling and enjoyable.

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