Falling in Love with_a Love Spell

Falling in Love with_a Love Spell

Relationships are hard. There is no manual that gives the correct answers as to how a situation should be handled when it arises, especially when it comes to love and relationships. When I met Brad he was in a relationship with another woman. We worked together and he confided in me that he was having issues with his girlfriend and wanted out of the relationship but did not know how to break up with her without her being okay.

Months went by and Brad became more and more unhappy. I guess people need to take their time to get to their breaking point. In these months Brad and I became very close. We kissed on our lunch break a few times but whenever I thought he was going to end his current relationship he would instead pull away from me. This was difficult to deal with considering I had to see him everyday at work.

Finally the day came where he made the move to end his relationship and rented an apartment of his own. I didn’t push the subject of “us” or whatever you wanted to call it at the time. It didn’t take long for him to pursue me aggressively once he moved into his new place. I was hesitant to go “all in” with everything he just put me through but I did let him in enough to be open to the idea.

Over the next year we grew very close and he asked me to move in. This is when we started having problems. It started with little things like cleaning, finances and grocery shopping. The romance became platonic and then one day he said he was no longer in love with me and wanted to break up. He had just started a new job and met another woman who sparked his fancy. I caught him in a bunch of lies and the break up was messy to say the least.

As heartbroken as I was, I thought it was best to move out and move on. I was finding it hard to breathe without him. My body ached all day everyday because I missed him so much. I was both angry and sad. Everything reminded me of him. Even going to work was difficult because that is where we met. My friends suggested that I find another job to help give myself a fresh start. I just had my yearly review and it wasn’t the best so I took her advice and went to another company. It did help a little bit with my heartache. The pain came back though and I was looking into different ways to get the love of my life back.

My cousin told me about a witch practitioner she used to get her ex back. Her relationship was much more up and down than mine was so I thought if witchcraft worked to help someone in a worse situation than mine, maybe it would work for me. I contacted witchcraftmagicspells.org and bought a fall in love spell because Brad indicated to me that he wasn’t in love with me and that was the main reason he wanted to break up. I thought that if he got his love back for me that everything would be different.

It was a new experience for me to work with a coven of witches. I often felt doubtful that it would work until something amazing happened! Brad sent me a text message out of the blue asking how I was doing. We had not spoken in about three months at this point. I responded very short. He kept asking me questions and tried to make a joke. I found it odd because I thought he hated me. The next day he texted again and said that he keeps having dreams about me and that he missed me.

I asked him how things were going in his relationship and he said they broke up. We ended up meeting for a drink and reconnected. I felt like I got the old Brad back but wanted to take things slow because I did not want to get hurt again. Its two years later and we are still together. He proposed and we are getting married. I still to this day can not believe that a love spell worked as well as it did but I’m living proof that works!

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