Fine Standards for the Best Escorts

Fine Standards for the Best Escorts


This is not meant to be a handbook on the world of escorts but a simple guide to help those who want to meet for an evening a professional of accompaniment and sex.

The choice

The choice of the escort certainly depends on personal taste, but also on the type of meeting you want to have with her. If the escort for example will have to be the companion for a particular event, you will have to choose the one that will be most suitable for that role. The choice will also be based on its availability and the budget it will request. Consult specific sites or ask friends who know suitable escorts for your tastes to look for suitable ones.

The phone call

The call is essential, it is a first approach before the meeting. Be clear right away, explain how the meeting will take place, times, places and areas, transport, agree on any dress code if the escort will have to accompany you to an event, etc. Do not miss any detail useful to the escort to be able to organize and be clear regarding the payment, agree it immediately.

The appointment

The appointment with the Visakhapatnam Escorts will be well planned, especially with her before the meeting itself. If it is an event to which you will be accompanied you will have to plan it just as well. Timetables ware there here you will be picked up for the escort, event times, duration, location, etc. Absolutely do not change program during the course of the appointment, unless the escort is expressly agreed. If it is a meeting for two, between you and the escort, seclude yourself in a safe, clean and comfortable place, treat the escort as your partner for one night.

The preparation

The preparation of the evening or meeting program is fundamental, as we have seen, but also personal preparation. The outfit will be based on the style of the meeting, the event in which you will participate or simply based on your taste. Feel comfortable and at ease, relax and think of the meeting as a gift you are giving yourself. Often you buy and send the escort a special dress including accessories to wear during the meeting, at your discretion, it is not a must. Whether the meeting includes a sexual relationship or not, do remember that hygiene is equally fundamental and a must.

The meeting

The moment of the meeting has come! Be relaxed and even euphoric: you will have a superb woman at your disposal for the whole event. Relaxation, spontaneity and courtesy are all you need to fully experience the encounter with an escort. It is a classic event, but you do not have to show yourself different from what you are in order to amaze the woman who is with you. On the contrary, you can be 100% yourself, enjoy the evening without thinking “afterwards”, or rack your brains wondering if there will be a continuation. Be gentlemen, polite, courtesy and always respectful: an escort is a lady and should be treated as such.

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