Most people who are not familiar with the work of escort agency and independent escorts totally misunderstand what the majority of clients are looking for. They assume that it is all about sex. Sex morning noon and night in every variety and form. In their naivete they think that the only thing men want is a woman who is raunchy and ready for any kind of sexual activity at any time. Well there is definitely a call for that kind of service and men who want it. Escort agencies call it the Porn Star Experience – for obvious reasons.

But in fact, the most common type of service that men are looking for when they contact an escort agency is called the Girlfriend experience. And yes, it is much like you would see on the television programme. The girlfriend experience in Malaga means that the time you spend with an escort on a paid date is as close as possible to what you would expect from a naughty girlfriend. If the client only has time or money for a one hour date, then ninety nine per cent of the time, the time with their rented girlfriend will take place in the bedroom. But they will still be talking, having a glass of wine and showing some tenderness rather than just “having at it” in as many ways as they can in the time!

If the client has more time (and funds), then the time that escort spends with the client will be much more like a real date. They will meet in a bar or restaurant, and spend time chatting and socialising. They might go to a club or a late night bar. But eventually they will normally end up back at the client´s home or hotel room, or possibly at the escorts place for an “incall”. Then still, it is much like a conventional date – sexy lingerie, teasing, kissing and playing. And hopefully lots of fun and laughs.

Not every escort is comfortable spending that much time with a client. Others just are not interesting or charming enough to entertain a client for that long! So make sure that the escort agency you are booking with understand what you want and then they can make sure that have a great girlfriend experience in Malaga.

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