Giving Her The Best Oral

Giving Her The Best Oral

Do you crave giving your gal the best lick ever? Do you want to go down her and come out having impressed her? This is a guide for caring and loving men who want to give their ladies the best lick leaving her weak at the knees.

1. Make Sure that She is Relaxed

If you are willing to give her the best oral sex, you must be sure that she is relaxed. If she is not relaxed, rest assured that she will not enjoy anything that you are going to do to her down there. You may put a lot of effort into it, but if she is nervous or something, all will be in vain. If you want to make her burn in pleasure when you eat her, whisper something like “get comfortable hunie coz I wanna take you to heaven”. This will not only get her ready for your tongue but also make her so horny and die to have you down there, doing your magic. For women orgasms are not guaranteed. And your woman may be caught thinking how long it will be before she finally explodes. If she is certain that she is with a man who is not in a hurry, she will be very comfortable.

2. Have Her in the Perfect Position

There are certainly so many sex positions. But not every sex position is perfect for oral sex. Moreover, not every position is perfect for every woman. The best thing before you get down to your woman is to make sure that she is in a position that will make her feel comfortable as you do your thing. Make sure that you involve her in choosing the best position for her. Ask her how she wanna receive it. The best position is letting her lie on her back, and then you help her keep her knees wide. To add to this position, it is advisable that you add a pillow under her butt. This will lift her pelvis up making it easier for you to reach her goodies.

3. Tease Her with Your Tongue

This is not like eating a pawpaw, or a Mellon!… Be creative. Buy your time. Make her yearn for you. Make her have desires. You can start licking her with the tip of your tongue from her belly, in slow circular motions, when you are near her vagina, make a sudden jump into her inner thighs and continue licking her. Forget for some time about that vagina. But be knocking on the gate without really entering even when she welcomes you. Let that vagina feel deserted for some time until it can’t wait any longer. Then make the long-awaited entry into the town.

4. Listen to Her Body

To do this, you will need more than just your ears. It is very true that when you are doing things right, she will be getting more and more turned on. Her body will start to move. Her heart beat will increase. She will start breathing faster. Listen to these signs. They will tell you whether you are doing what she wants. If she moves her hips, move with her pattern and make her get lost in the world of pleasure. If you do not listen to her, no matter how hard you are trying to work, you will be better off jerking off in one of the corners.

5. Embrace the Vibration

Women take a long time to orgasm, especially from oral sex. Experts have it that an average woman will take about 20 minutes to get an orgasm from oral sex. This may mean that you are going to be there for quite some long time. There will be no harm, therefore, adding a vibrator for her. You can choose to use a small toy that will be easy to handle and make you feel like you are still at the top, in full control. You can, for instance, use the vibrator on the hood of her clitoris, while you use your tongue on her labia.

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