How you shouldn’t end your relationship

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Ending a relationship is never easy. Although you might be convinced that it is the right thing to do, there are situations in which you should continue keeping it to yourself.

Don’t do it via Facebook, WhatsApp or any other messaging service. It is a ridiculous way to break up and it will lead to a loss of respect. If you’re actually afraid to tell your significant other about the decision you made, you have to put some more effort into it. Do it like they used to do it and write a handwritten letter. If you ignore this advice you will very likely have drama. If you’re into drama and speak German you should visit It’s a great source for all sorts of drama.

While visiting an amusement park. Amusement parks are great. Especially for children a day in an amusement park is like heroin. Vomiting from a rollercoaster and simultaneous endless joy is an experience that we only make a handful of times during our lifetime. If you’re visiting an amusement park with your wife, spouse or girlfriend don’t break up with her right there! We all know that pretending that everything is alright is also the wrong thing to do, but just hold on a couple of more hours. You won’t regret it. Important advice: avoid romantic attractions (often named “Lake of roses”). It won’t make anything easier for anyone of you.

Don’t break up while your robbing a bank – there are several reasons that justify this very important advice. Reason number one: it is very likely that both of you are armed during the period of the robbery. A sudden break up can cause emotional break outs on each side. This may cause serious harm to you or involved hostages or bank employees. Reason number two: adrenalin. During a robbery adrenalin helps you to focus on your escape. You forget about hunger, thirst and lose a big part of your fear. On the other hand, this leads to irrational thinking. If you make your decision now, during the robbery, you might regret it in the near future.

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