Interpreting Our Soul Connections

Interpreting Our Soul Connections

Your life is full of people; everyone you meet forms a type a connection with you, even if it lasts only moments. These are general, impersonal connections, merely random encounters, which may influence each other in small ways, along the path each takes through life.

But what about more spiritual connections? The deeper relationships, made not between superficial personalities, but made and fostered by the higher aspects of the soul, on a more conscious level. But how can you tell if two souls are truly connected?

The difference between an impersonal connection, and a soul connection can first be felt through your energy, as you really connect to the energy of the other person. When you meet someone with whom you have a soul connection, your energy will feel excited, and begin to expand. This could be felt as a sort of tingling or vibrating feeling and, depending on the quality of the connection, could leave you feeling exhilarated, or, if the soul connection senses a dangerous other, fearful or sick.

Since the spiritual plane is mostly accessed through our dreams, when we are freed of the physical body, we often become aware of our soul connections through our dreams. Dreaming of someone necessarily does not mean we have a soul connection with that person, sometimes we simply dream about the situations and people in our lives.

But if you experience a shared dream, or some type of astral or out of body experience with that person, that indicates with almost certainty that there is some type of soul connection between you.

If you really want to know for certain if there is a soul connection between you and another, try meditation to find out if the connection is genuine. One good method is to enter a state of meditation, by concentrating on the heart chakra.

Another good indication of a soul connection is a feeling of instant “chemistry” between you. This is not just an impersonal chemistry between compatible personalities, but also a physical and emotional chemistry that intersect with your goals and desires almost perfectly.

A feeling as if we have known that person our entire lives, even if we actually know them for only a matter of minutes or hours, is a good sign that there is a soul connection.

Most soul connections emanate from the heart chakra, so focus your mind on the center of your heart, and feel where, and to whom, that energy pulls to.

Follow the heart chakra energy, and allow it to flow through your mind. Be mindful of the pictures, sounds, and other sensory responses this loving energy informs you with. Try to get a sense of the energy signatures for every personal connection you have.

If you sense an energy signature that is the same as the energy you feel when you are with the other person, then you have experienced the essence of a soul connection with that person.

A soul mate connection has a feeling of sweet, yet complicated energy. Soul mate connections can lead to very beneficial friendships, business partnerships and a marriage with a soul mate will be the best choice.

On the other hand, a twin flame connection is with someone who we share one half of the same soul, a yin/yang type of relationship that can at times, feel uncomfortable, yet compelling. A twin flame tests us to grow spiritually, and freeing our karma.

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