Is it okay to use sex toys solo?

Is it okay to use sex toys solo?

One of the big questions surrounding sex toys, mainly for the novice shopper is, “is it okay to buy this for myself?”

Now one would think that because they are in a sex shop buying toys in the first place, of course, it is okay that the sex toy is just for you, I mean you don’t have to share it with anyone.

This problem is extremely common with young adults, who in most cases have moved out of the house and are either in university or they are starting their first full-time job.

This is a curious time for them as for many young adults the world is a place where there are many things which we have not experienced nor where we ever told about objects like sex toys or if it is okay to use sex toys.

Where did this problem arise?

The biggest problem about talking about sex, is that it is still very much a topic where there is a clear divide with regards to speaking about the topic, there are people who will speak about sex and sex toys and there will be people who will deny that sex is even okay unless you are married and even then it is only something that needs to happen in order for you to produce babies.

Unfortunately, the last group of people have been influent incorrectly and are one of the main reasons that sex crimes, go unnoticed. More often than not these people are raising their children to believe that if they save themselves for the church and their wedding night, then they will have an easier time getting to heaven, which is a bit far-fetched.

The next place who should be doing a better job is the school system. There is a reason why Sex Ed was created and just because there are people who are in power and are currently pulling the strings to make sure that Sex Ed is not taught is ridicules, we are meant to be preparing young adults for life and sex is a very big part of life.

So is it okay to make use of sex toys solo?

The answer to this question is, of course. Sex is a very intimate act which you can conduct with your partner or if you don’t have a partner you can masturbate yourself. There is no sin or reason to be ashamed of masturbation as it is only a natural process, which has many benefits one being it is a great stress reliever.

Where can you find toys?

The best thing to do is to search on Google for a key phrase like, “best mens strokers online” or “best place to buy vibrators online”.

By searching key-phrases like these you will be able to find good online stores which you can buy sex toys from and you won’t have to worry about being seen going to a sex store.

It is important to do as much research about the toys that interest you so you don’t have to worry about being hurt and getting it wrong.

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