Is webcam sex a safe thing?

Is webcam sex a safe thing?

We live in an era where people walk around with little computers in their pockets; all equipped with webcams and microphones. This has given birth to a new kind of very affordable communication, used to be called ‘video-conferencing’. But unlike in the past, everyone can do it as long as they have a smartphone. You don’t need to pay a fortune to be in a room with professional cameras, instead it can all take place on the go. Having this technology has changed the dating world, as we don’t need to even be in the same room as someone to see them get naked. But any technology is a two-side blade; where both good and bad things can happen. Today we ask if using webcams for booty calls is in fact a safe practice, or whether it can backfire and get you into trouble…

Webcam with strangers

These days you can use naughty dating sites to meet people who just want to have a bit of fun. Nothing wrong with that at all, in fact adult dating is always rising in popularity and it’s not all for weirdos and perverts. Some perfectly normal people use those sites; and the concept has changed from being underground to being almost a mainstream thing. It is now very easy to arrange a sex chat with a stranger, and it certainly won’t take that long between meeting that person and getting each other off in front of your webcams. In most cases, as long as you take some time to message the person and get to know them a bit; your webcam antiques will be fine. However not all of it is safe; especially when you search for it in the wrong places.

Say no to Facebook sex

Sex dating sites such as are the right place to go, after all people go there for sex and it is therefore not out-of-place to do so. The one place that gets pretty dangerous for online sex is the social media we use the most: Facebook. You know when you get that friendship request; you don’t know that person but their profile picture looks like the perfect sexy model, male or female. They want to befriend you even though you don’t even know them; which should start rigging alarm bells straight away. Most people who try to befriend you like that on Facebook are scammers, looking to make a buck on people’s loneliness and desperation. So they contact you, you accept them as a friend (which you shouldn’t do); they then engage in a naughty conversation that goes something like this: “I feel horny and I want to see you naked right now. Let’s have a sex on a webcam.” So you oblige (you shouldn’t), cameras are on, that person starts stripping and you do the same. Then suddenly the chat cuts, no way to get it starting again. Then you received that message: “transfer money to X account or we will show your video to your friends and family”… a typical scam, and a very embarrassing one too…

How to stay safe

So your first order of the day is to never have webcam sex with a stranger on Facebook, or any other social media for this matter. But that’s not all you can do to protect yourself. You see webcams have good definition these days, meaning people can see what you have in the background. So don’t let you ID, bank statement, family pictures or anything else to be seen that could give away your privacy. A lot of scammers are just fishing for information so that they could commit identity fraud; using your credentials to make online purchases and so on. The best you can do is not give away any of those details. And finally, the most logical and obvious advice: don’t just jump into anything sexual with people you have just met online. Instead take the time to chat with them normally (no sex) and try to build a picture of the situation. Get to know people a bit, you won’t be able to tell a lot from talking online but you might be able to spot if the person is faking it. When that person is getting naked in front of their webcam for you; ask yourself: “is this actually happening or is this just a pre-recorded video?”Talk to them and make sure they actually respond to specific questions, or else it could well be a pre-recorded one. So yeah, you can have webcam sex but you need to be careful and only look for it in the places where it is appropriate to do so. Keep to sex dating sites and forget social media, Facebook is for friends and family, not dirty webcam chat!


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