Love or Lust: The Realm of Online Romance

Love or Lust: The Realm of Online Romance

Tagline: The amount of romantic potential on the internet is truly remarkable. Choose a virtual liaison that will seriously ignite your libido!

When it comes to the world of dating, there comes a time in every person’s life when they need to choose what sort of relationship they want. This mainly depends on their gender and sexuality, but can also fall onto how they view the idea of romance and commitment in general.

Some just want a simple relationship. One Man + One Woman, One Man + One Man or One Woman + One Woman in a monogamous and committed partnership. They do not need to fall into the stereotypical nuclear family, but they are after one person who is not afraid to show commitment, love, and understanding towards them. However, there are others who either want a relationship that is non-committal (such as an open-relationship or a one night stand), does not involve sex (i.e. asexual) or involves more than one partner (polyamory).

Deciding on what sort of relationship you are after is difficult. After all, you need to make sure that the person/people you want to date are definitely the best suited to you, and may even need a few tried and failed relationships to settle into an understanding of yourself, your sexuality and dating preferences. However, fear not, for the realm of the internet is here to assist you in finding love or indulging in your lust.

You may want to try and fool yourself, thinking that the world of online and mobile dating is solely used to find a sweet fairytale romance, but as Twitter user, Liampchill, has said

“Sometimes you just need sex. Nothing wrong with that.”

You sometimes need sex, and overall, the internet is the best place to find it. The Internet is the perfect place to find a potential mate in more ways than one. Whether you want your romantic fantasies to come into reality, or you just want a naughty little affair to spice up your night, here are some of the best places you can visit to get exactly what you want out of the internet.


Now, the internet is certainly not the perfect place to visit if you are solely looking for romance. After all, with 30% of the internet being made up of porn, who knows what sort of content your search is going to encounter next? But there is a silver lining. With so many people searching the web, that means that there is more chance for you to find the perfect partner. Whether you want to meet up in real or contain your relationship to the internet, you will always be able to find someone that you will be able to easily connect with. Your next romantic partner is only a keystroke away!

Dating Websites

Naturally if you are looking for the perfect partner online, you have to bring up the idea of dating relationships. Whilst you may want to steer clear of some of the more “suggestive” dating sites, as these may cater more towards casual hookups than an actual relationship, these sort of platforms are great for bringing people together.

Not only can you find people to meet within your own city but if you are looking for a long-distance relationship, then you can even look for women across your country. Pick your physical preferences and romantic interests and you will be able to scroll through a number of profiles. If you like the look of someone then feel free to send them a message! Be warned that you may come into contact with a few catfishes, you will be able to schedule dates and arrange to meet in person, should you like the look of the potential partner.

Always keep internet safety in mind when you arrange your date. For instance, always meet in a public place and, if you are feeling nervous about going on your own, why not ask if you can bring a friend along with you? Your potential partner may also feel relieved that you have suggested this and bring their own friend along. Make sure you feel comfortable enough to meet each other before making any plans. The more comfortable you both feel the more successful your date will be.

Fantastic examples of dating websites include:





Plenty of Fish

Remember that you do not have to stick to solely one dating website! Try out a few at a time and see who you could potentially meet.

Dating Coaches

Whilst this is not something that will instantly find you a relationship, it is still useful in the grand scheme of dating as a whole.

If you are the sort of person that instantly becomes shy at the first sight of a person you are attracted to, then you may need a little help to assist with socialisation and romantic tactics. Instead of cowering away from your potential partner, why not go on the internet to find a dating coach to provide you with some helpful tips? Dating Coaches can be found through a quick Google Search, however, if you go on video platforms and podcasts, you will find free advice from people who have previously been in your shoes. They will provide you with useful tips on how to overcome your shyness and how to appear more confident around the people you admire.

Do not be shy and reach out to professional romantic coaches about your problems. That way you can learn how to overcome them and improve your confidence. Whilst your romantic problems will not be instantly solved, you will have taken the first step forward to seeking help. The internet is there to be used as a tool to help people, thus, you are well within your right to seek expert advice. If all else fails, there are also a number of romance and dating/relationship blogs that will provide you with some more general tips to get you started.

Creativity and Social Media

When you think about platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, DeviantArt or Reddit, you may not consider them to be platforms that are for finding romance. Instead, you may find that they are aligned with creative thought and social contacts. For some of the larger creator platforms, this may be in the form of art, music, video creation or writing, but in relation to social media platforms (i.e. Twitter and Facebook), your creativity and personal statuses will always come in the form of a written post.

You may be asking yourself, how will a social media/ creator platform be able to help you find romance? Well, the first thing you need to realise about these platforms is that they provide the technology to put you in contact with other people. Whilst these platforms are not designed to be dating tools, romance does tend to blossom in the most unlikely of spaces.

Take, for instance, the romance of Youtube’s biggest Gamer “Pewdiepie”, aka. Felix. He would not have met his girlfriend, Marzia if she had not been introduced to his videos and had started to email him to let him know that she “found his videos funny”. From there, they started to date and even moved to the UK in order to live together. If Felix had not become a content creator on Youtube, then he would never have been able to find a successful relationship.

Whilst this may not be possible for everyone on the internet, the best place to start is by not actually looking for a relationship. Go onto one of these platforms with a purpose to create. Whether you prefer drawing on DeviantArt or creating Music or Videos for YouTube, what matters is that you begin a brand that you can hone in your creative skills. From there, you will have commenters that start to look at your work, critique it and provide you advice for improvement.

Some of these commenters may become frequent on your content, thus you may find yourself growing close to them. If the person in question reciprocates your feelings, and it is appropriate for you to conduct a romantic relationship with them, then you may want to take things to the next level either in the form of online relationship or maybe in making plans to meet up.

Remember that you should not use these creator sites only to find romance. This is not there intended purpose. But, if you do end up finding a person you like through this online medium, then this can only lead to a strong and steady relationship. Even if it just leads to a close friendship, then it is still worth your time and effort!


It is completely normal to want to engage in sexual activities with other people on the internet. Who wouldn’t? The internet is an endless rabbit hole where Rule 34 constantly fuels the rising lusts and excitement of all potential internet browsers. But, if you are looking for a hook up outside of your hand and a pornography video, here are some ideas about how you can use the internet to satiate all of your lustful desires.

The World of Escorting

If you do not feel comfortable with pursuing a relationship at this time, or just do not have the time needed in order to balance a monogamous lifestyle, then you may want to consider using the internet to uncover the World of Escorting.

Instinctively, you may start to feel uncomfortable at the idea of using an escort. But, hiring an escort is not an illegal practice and you are well within your rights to look into hiring an Adult Entertainer to accompany you out on a date. This is because your Adult Companion will not only sexually satisfy you, but will also socially and romantically entertain you throughout your date. Whether you want to take her/him out on a shopping trip, a romantic meal or want to go to a historical venue, your escort will be able to provide you the feelings associated with romantic courtship without any hint of commitment issues once the date is completed.

Think of Escorting as a way to have the best of both worlds: The Excitement of going out on a First Date combined with the freedom to conduct any additional Sexual Relationships. No matter where you are located, there will always be an Online Escorting Agency that is ready to deliver the perfect lady to your doorstep. Whether you are interested in Southern London Escorts or Northern Edinburgh Escorts, the internet is endless, thus so is the range of escorts that you can find.

You may want to consider hiring an escort from an Online Agency if you find that you are:

? Feeling Lonely, Depressed or Isolated
? Are struggling with meeting or talking with potential partners
? Have no time for a serious commitment
? Want a flexible sexual relationship to fit around your daily life
? Just wanting to meet someone new

The beauty of booking an escort is the flexibility that surrounds it. If you have an intense working life or just simply have no time for romantic commitment, a date with a companion can last as long as you want it to be. You will remain fully in control of your date, where you go, what you talk about and whether or not anything sexual occurs. The only downside is the potential cost! But once you go on a date with the young ladies, you will find that their rates are certainly worth it to spend time with them!

Hook-Up Applications

When it comes Dating Applications, some people may use them in order to find the perfect partner. But for others, they want a quick hook-up that can be arranged quickly and conveniently. This is why applications like Tinder and Grinder for Mobile Phones are so successful. One quick swipe to the left or right can determine whether or not someone finds you attractive. Once a pair matches up then that means the socialisation can begin. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to hook up after to get to know their potential partner. For internet itself, you may want to consider these additional Hook-Up Websites:

Ashley Madison





Each of these platforms have a simple interface and will allow you to meet an array of exciting beauties. These are the sort of people that you may not be able to hook up with you in your everyday life. Instead of focusing on a minimalistic view of dating, expand your horizons and try an online platform. That way, you can start speaking with a whole range of new people and, hopefully, meet up with them for a quick hookup.

Smut RPG Forums

If you are feeling a little antsy and want to do a little more than just watch some Adult Content, then why don’t you start considering joining an Adult RP (Roleplay) Forum? This is the perfect place if you are the creative type that feels liberated at the idea of character and plot creation.

Firstly, you may be asking yourself, “What can I do in an Adult Roleplay Forum?” Well, with the right RP partner, anything you want! As long as your partner is comfortable with the plot of your smut (otherwise known as a “lemon”), then you can write as much as you like about your characters getting into all sorts of sexy situations.

However, before you jump into a RP forum, like “RpHaven” or “Fanfiction”, you need to remember your “RP Etiquette.” Never pressurise anyone to RP with you. The partner who agrees to RP with you will usually discuss the plot at hand and will express what they are comfortable and not comfortable with. If you want a graphic RP then this also needs to be agreed by your partner. Once you have fully discussed what your plot will be about, and you have created your character, you are free to be as dirty as you choose! The World of Kinks is yours to pick from and you can choose whether to focus on the plot (with added smut) or the smut itself.

If you are the sort of person who simply adores the world of fantasy, sexual roleplay or anything that involves creative thinking, then this side of the internet is the perfect place for you to research into. Have fun!

Final Thoughts

Whether you like it or not, the internet is a mixture of both romantic and lustful websites. It caters towards all palettes and is ready to satisfy a wide variety of audiences. Whilst some may be content with internet pornography, there are others who want to bring their sexual and romantic experiences away from the computer screen and into the real world.

What you do with your own body is entirely your own prerogative. You can enjoy a healthy relationship with one person or you can go out and explore a whole range of relationships. The world is your oyster and the internet is at your command to find just the sort of person you would like to meet. So do not hesitate. Take your chance and enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that comes along with it!

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