New to Vibrators? Here’s what you need to know!

New to Vibrators? Here’s what you need to know!

No matter the opinion you have about sex toys, these are incredible inclusions for your private closet. Sex toys add fun to your sex life – it doesn’t matter if you are single or want to just spice up things with your partner. Now, one of the common options is a vibrator. As obvious, a vibrator vibrates and is meant to stimulate your senses. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes out there, and the contemporary ones even have numerous settings. Websites like Pleasures ‘N’ Treasures have choices for different needs and budgets, and in this post, we take a look at some of the basics.

Enjoying with a vibrator

A vibrator can be used as a stimulator or as a penetrative sex toy, such as the dildo. If it is meant for penetration, the vibrator will be at least 12 centimeters long, which is around five inches. The idea is to mimic a real penis, so the size and girth resemble to that. The bullet vibrator is a smaller version of the product, which may or may not have a cock ring. These are designed to stimulate the sensitive parts of the vagina, such as the clitoris. You can also use the option for your rear. Yes, there are anal vibrators available in the market, which are used extensively by men and women alike. Usually, the ones that are meant for anal fun have a flared base, which helps in pulling the product out, making it more of a safer choice.

Of course, we cannot ignore the G-spot vibrator, which comes with a special curve at the end, which helps in stimulating the G-spot. You may have also heard about the rabbit vibrator that offers the thrusting action that women often crave for. Don’t be surprised to know that some of the vibrator wands actually come with the label of a massager, especially the vibrator wands that are longer in size.

Buying one

First things first, always get your vibrator from a known store and make sure to start slow. Also, the material makes a big difference. You need something that’s made of silicone or rubber and is good to the skin. Personal hygiene is one of the key factors when it comes to using sex toys, and at best, do not share your toys with others. You can check online to find some amazing deals and discounts on vibrators.

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