Sexual Journey and Y our Part I n It

Sexual Journey and Y our Part I n It


Not long ago, marriage was primarily an economic step and for life, love was optional. After all, sex was primarily aimed at having children. Consequently, we sought emotional ties outside the relationship.

Nowadays, permanent relationships arise based on love. In addition to emotional intimacy, stability and security, we also want to share desire, pleasure and eroticism with our life partner. They now form critical parts of relationship happiness.

That is a very new idea. For the first time in history, sex is not just meant to start a family. Sex in a relationship is now exclusively rooted in desire and desire. It follows that sex has shifted from an economic source to an emotional model. There are sex games for you as well to awaken your sexual needs. Visit that.

Calm waterways versus erotic vitality

Perhaps as lovers you prefer quiet waters where respect and companionship are sufficient. You hardly long for passion and compelling passion.

  • Or do you, as lovers, crave long-lasting erotic vitality? Do you want to feel desirable and wanted in your love affair?
  • How do you recognize yourself?
  • Do you prefer calm water or do you want erotic vitality?

Be the partner you wish for yourself

Expert emphasizes that be the partner you wish for yourself. What are you willing to do for that? She asks the audience. You are responsible for getting your “dead self” alive again. Don’t expect your partner to do this for you. Moreover, it is essential that you yourself have the feeling that you are worthy to experience erotic vitality.

Do you want an erotic life?

First make sure you have a “Juicy You”.

Contrast between 2 needs

How do couples with a subdued sex life but with a secure connection come back in contact with desire, so that they feel alive again?

  • To experience erotic vitality within your relationship after a long time, we must learn to reconcile two opposing forces: namely freedom versus connectedness.
  • On the one hand we want adventure, we long for the unknown, the unpredictable, the unexpected. We want to take risks and do things that we usually avoid.
  • On the other hand, we want to increase the need for security, to keep the unknown under control, to incorporate collateral and to reduce the unpredictable.

Develop erotic intelligence

To enjoy sex, a basic sense of emotional intimacy and physical intimacy is important. However, if you have grown too much together as a couple, if you know each other through and through, lust and lust go out.

After all, eroticism thrives on the unpredictable. Desire clashes with repetition and habit. To experience desire, a bit of distance is needed, so that fantasy, curiosity and mystery can take over this space. This sharpens the eroticism. It is a form of erotic intelligence; it is not about frequency and performance.

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