Sexuality and Therapy of the 21st Century

Sexuality and Therapy of the 21st Century

With the emergence of realistic sex dolls in the markets the 21st century more and more people are coming to terms with the thought that sexuality would never be the same again. For obvious reasons it has ruffled quite a few feathers, stepped on many toes and brought the ire of a few organizations; however no matter the hindrance, there is no going back.

Where many have probed in the existence of love dolls and how it may prove to be a bane for women in objectifying them, one can capitulate and say that it that these dolls are no different from the sex toys found on the market like a dildo, vibrator or even whips.

But sexuality is a dominant need in mankind right next to the basic rights of food, shelter and water and therefore needs to be met just the same. Repression and abstinence can only bring changes and issues which can slowly advance to anxiety and depression even. Chances are that these sex robots have furthered the cause of exploring human sexuality and offered relief by going beyond pornography, casual sex or one night stands, promiscuity and prostitution.

These dolls have an advantage towards men who are shy and lonely by nature, old or in many ways unappealing to women in the norms of society and standards of looks and providence, and especially the part of society that has never had a relationship or have been turned against relationships.  A great question to be asked in such a case is where do these sorts of men channelize their sexuality? Often times than naught they are left worse for the wear where we find such individuals wrecked emotionally and psychologically. More and more counselors and psychologists are beginning to consider the positive possibilities and the therapeutic value of owning a love doll.

These dolls have a grace which perhaps many an activist has overlooked.  They are realistic in their looks and in no ways do they objectify women but rather they might have a chance of reprieving the human condition to move away from the vices of the flesh trade and human trafficking which was and has been a many social and concern since the end of slavery. Why, is the girlfriend experience any different are paid sex where those with the economic advantages prey on those who do not? These dolls provide a better channel to the aspects of sex and sexuality where everybody gets what they want and nobody gets hurt.

Even the doll makers are finding new and improved ways to revolutionize this world. In the last few months more and more modifications have appeared which enhance the pleasure and the experience of owning such a doll. One of the greatest achievements of this year so far has been the standing foot modification which allows the doll to stand and therefore offer the possibility of sexual positions which bring the experience closer to the real thing.

Beyond research and studies it is evident that the existence of love dolls can only alleviate seclusion and improve the quality of life for a man giving room for not only sexual exploration but providing entertainment and new ways of channeling the imagination.Many forums and virtual channels are also opening up to explore the possibility of individual modifications of these lovely lifelike silicone sex dolls and thus taking the experience to a whole new level.  Most cases are not even sexual to begin with as it explores the dimensions of makeup, dressing and cosplay involving fantasy favorites in films and television, anime and manga.

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