Should I try to be a “better” Girlfriend?

Should I try to be a “better” Girlfriend?



There is an age-old misconception that it is the man who wears the pants in a relationship and is in charge of the entire romantic “work”. Although it’s a very traditional concept that we have known for centuries, it’s definitely not the most ideal situation for a healthy relationship.

Instead, as a “good” girlfriend, it’s critical that you step up your game and show your guy just how much you love and adore him.

It’s important that you make him realize that you are ready to do anything for him, that you are working hard on being a truly great girlfriend for him. Here are some of the main reasons why you should in fact be working on being a better girlfriend in your relationship with him.

  • You will become his biggest Fan

Every man wants to know that he has what it takes. Usually, he will receive this confirmation from his friends and other family members. However, when you as his girlfriend make him feel that way as well, it will help instill the confidence in him to be what God has set him to be.

Remember, your guy doesn’t necessarily need you to give him a great deal of attention all the time, but he needs encouragement and respect from you.

By recognizing and encouraging him, he will start feeling very good about himself, as he feels reassured of doing a good job as a provider, partner, and problem solver. All boyfriends will appreciate such kind of encouragement.

  • You Will Learn to Appreciate Him more

Most women tend to never fully realize how starved their men are for appreciation. The problem is that women tend to love others the way they want to be loved, themselves. They will typically feel loved when their boyfriends give them attention and cater to their needs.

While this will make you be attentive to your man, which is a good thing, it’s unfortunately not what most men truly crave for in their relationships.

A man’s greatest desire is the feeling of being appreciated and acknowledged for what he brings or provides. You need to make him feel that his efforts were successful.

This will apply to everything he does, be it him taking you out for a fancy dinner or buying you an expensive gift.

  • You will be his Friend and not just a Girlfriend

You can definitely count the number of couples who began their relationships as friends. However, along the way, something occurred and they became lovingly involved. When this happens, they sometimes stop being friends. However, when you remove the friendship-part from the equation, it affects how they relate as a couple.

Being a friend to him entails having a deep connection also outside the bedroom. By being a good girlfriend, there will be a stronger connection between the two of you.

You will find that he loves you and wants you at the same time. He will want to do the things he does with his friends, like watching a sporting action or going hiking with him.

  • You’ll become comfortable to speak Your Mind

You probably know the type of women that takes too much care not to rock the boat in a relationship, especially in its infancy stages. As a result, these women stifle their personalities and rob themselves of expressing their opinions.

The reason this is a shame is that your ideal man will not love you despite of you having an opinion, but because of it.

Obviously, you should not ever offend him. You also may want to stay clear from topics that can lead to heavier arguments, for example religion and politics, among other things.

But, besides these points, try to always speak your mind. You are a smart, sexy girl with thoughts worth sharing, so feel free to contradict him every now and then!

  • You will learn to compromise

One thing that makes you a good girlfriend is the ability to compromise, instead of being annoyed or getting frustrated anytime you cannot have it exactly your way. Proper compromise also means that both of you have to rationally and calmly discuss a situation while taking into account your partner’s perspectives.

As a good girlfriend, you know you do not have to always have it your way because your guy would rather give in than stand his ground as he doesn’t want you to be upset or angry whenever things do not go your way.


There are many things to be gained from being a truly “good” girlfriend to him. For instance, you will learn to compromise and see things from his perspective. Also, you will learn to appreciate him more for how he is. You will also learn to speak your mind in an appropriate way, but ultimately he will feel more valued, which is a very positive thing for your relationship. This relationship advice comes from


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