Some of the commonly recognized fetishes

Some of the commonly recognized fetishes

There are many things and parts of the body, which may turn on quite a lot of people. These things can be sometimes bizarre as well. These weird arousal or obsessions can be termed as sexual fetishes. Fetishes can be of various types. Different people have unique ways of arousal. Here as some commonly known fetishes.

Feet: This one is one of the most commonly recognized fetishes, which is based on the body part. It is observed mainly among men. The reason concluded is that men lead to the legs to reach the genitals.

Shoes: This type of fetish is particularly for men but also can be observed in women in some of the cases. High-heeled footwear may make many men feel aroused. On the other hand, many of the female hormones rage while they see men in good shoes. People with shoe fetish feel like having sexual intimacy when the partner is wearing nothing but just the shoes.

Ear: the lips of their partners on their ears turn on many people more than a smooch arouses them. They even are turned on by ear licking and sucking.

Colour: Odd but true, even colors can make a man feel horny. Color fetish is one of the most familiar fetishes among many people in which they are turned on when seeing their partner in a particular color of the dress. This applies particularly to men; they feel like having sex with the women wearing that particular color dress.

Hair: Women in luscious locks are the major turn on for men. Men consider hair as the most admired feature of women. Some men feel aroused just because of women locks. They feel good just by caressing the hair of a woman.

Underwear: Underwear fetish is one prevalent fetish. In this, a person feels the desire to have sex by watching someone putting off or put on underwear, or they just wear a particular kind of underwear to feel aroused. In addition, some men smell or hold the used underwear of their partner to feel turned on.  This is a kind of obsession for the underwear of their partners. It might be strange for some but major turn for others.

Navel fetishism: Familiar among many men, this navel fetish is another type of weird obsession for a navel. Men feel utterly sexual when they see a women’s navel. They just want to touch it, suck it, lick it, or even bite it. Navel acts as a sexual organ of their partner to them.

The above-mentioned fetishes are some of the many known fetishes. There are more extreme fetishes as well like arousal to excretory matters. In this fetish, people may get aroused by watching pornographic videos like diarrhea porn.

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