Succumb To the Lights and Sounds

Succumb To the Lights and Sounds

 Have you ever been to a nice club with these sexy little topless waitresses? How about getting lost in the crowd, and completely swallowed up by the great music and the hypnotic lights while you move your body to the beat until you feel tired? Or dance with a complete stranger and exchange phone numbers before parting ways? If not yet, then you probably missed half of your life. But, it’s not yet late mate! Welcome to clubbing 101.

Party hard Aussies!

Sydney is home to the best pubs and night clubs in Australia. If you’re looking to release the negative vibes after a long day at work, come try my top 3:

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  • Home – This awesome nightclub is a tree-story attraction to the locals and foreigners who plays mainstream house music. They also play live music on schedule. If you like to get lost and dance in a big crowd with a breath taking view of the Darling Harbour, then this is the place to be. 
  • Oxford Art Factory – If you’re looking for a night of good music played by a live band, Oxford Art Factory is easy to find, as it is the last known venue for live music in Oxford Street. But don’t fret! This is also a dance club and a nice art gallery all at once! Don’t like club hopping? Stay here, and maybe have the night of your life.
  • Chinese Laundry – Wanna party like an animal and sweat your heart out – Chinese Laundry is your club! Laundry is one of Sydney’s biggest clubs – and the most honoured one. Prepare to dance on the beats of internationals like Sasha and James Holden, and then check your weight after if you lost some.

Hello Strippers

Prostitution in Australia is legal, but this does not mean that you can just get a girl and have fun in that corner. There are strict laws implemented to also protect the rights of our sex workers, and you should be familiar with that before hitting on someone. However, if you’re after just a bit of a tease and fun, I just might site some pubs with hot ladies that would entice and calm your tired-from-work bod.

  • Tio’s – Want some free popcorn, nice drinks and boobsies before ending your night? Come to Tio’s. Start your night with a round of good music, and nice alcohol. Just might not be a good place for talks though as this place gets a little crowded and strident.
  • Concourse Bar – Cheap drinks, pub near the train station, and sexy hostesses wearing lingerie (sometimes even topless), Concourse bar is just in Wynyard Railway Station. 
  • Dancer’s Cabaret – If you want to go out on a Thursday or a Friday night, and meet some erotic dancers to kick start your night, here’s the place for you. It’s Illinois Hotel from Mondays thru Fridays, and transforms into a cabaret from Thursdays to Saturdays. 

No matter how you want to spend your Friday nights, it’s always best to have a crazy but clean kind of fun. You’re responsible for your actions, so don’t stray too much from reality. But, it’s nice to still drown in lights and sounds every once in a while. 



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