Taking dating advice from the internet is a problem and we need to stop that

Taking dating advice from the internet is a problem and we need to stop that

One thing that’s becoming like a general problem is young people looking up all sorts of things on the internet and taking advices from questionable sources. This probably wouldn’t be such a problem if it was about cooking or whatever, but this is about dating and sex. 

Dating and sex have been the joy and the light of our lives ever since we exist as a species, and it’s probably not going to change or disappear any time soon. So one question that you need to ask yourself is – what kind of an attitude do you want to form around it?

Forming an attitude and an opinion about dating in general is your personal and private thing, but one thing that is very important for everybody to understand is that you need to form your opinions based on your own experiences, your own feelings, and your own sensations. In order to know exactly what kind of a girl you want, first you have to find some girls that don’t suit you, right? It’s only logical.

 In order to find a right pair of shoes, you need to try on a couple pairs that don’t fit. It’s simple as that. Plus, people also use pornography for everything now, instead of just looking it up in order to find what type of girls do they like aesthetically, whether it be brunettes, blonde chicks, fatties, busty girls, skinny chicks, and many other types of chicks you didn’t even know existed.

 That’s why you should also visit MrPornGeek, and browse from his large collection of porn sites which will for sure put a smile on your face and help you in your research and your quest of finding the perfect girl. But like we already said, dating online is not a bad thing. 

It’s just sad how nostalgic we can get and how much we can suffer because the times are changing and old trends are dying. And how weird it’s going to be when future kids ask their parents how they met, and their parents reply with Tinder or whatever site they were using at the time.

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