The Best ways to use the bullet pleasure toy to spice things up in the bedroom

The Best ways to use the bullet pleasure toy to spice things up in the bedroom

If there is one pleasure toy I would recommend for everyone, it would be the bullet vibrator – don’t get it wrong – I love my other pleasure gadgets in my arsenal but, there’s just something about this vibrating bullet like this anal bullet vibrator will, that makes them my favorite. I know you would also fall for them when you get to use it.

The sex toy market is replete with so many devices, but only a few are designed specifically for anal stimulation – the beauty of these anal vibes is that they are versatile. This means they can also be used to stimulate the clit. Now talk about killing two birds with one stone.

So how do you use an anal vibrator?

You’d think, it’s just about getting out, spreading your butt, and sticking it in. To truly enjoy a deep stimulation, there is some prepping to do:

Firstly, get yourself an anal lube. The best ones are those thick and silky lubes, then apply it generously on the anal vibe. It’s time to tease and slowly insert the toy into your anus but make sure you that you also used the lubrication on your anus.

Variety is the spice of (sex) life

The anal vibrator is a versatile sex toy, this means, you can use it in a variety of ways. You can also use it to stimulate different parts of your body for an increased sensation; so here are our top areas to use it:

Stimulate your clit during sex: Research has shown that over 70 percent of women don’t reach orgasm from penetrative sex. If this is you, then there is no reason why you can’t stimulate your clit with this vibe while you enjoy the incredible feeling of being penetrated. Use the toy to get over the edge and experience an intense orgasm.

Roll behind the knees: The back of the knee is one neglected sensitive part of the body. But you can expand your sweet tingling sensation by trailing this powerful vibrator behind the kneel.

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