The Incognito Sexuality Bloggers from Iran Revealed

The Incognito Sexuality Bloggers from Iran Revealed

With the punishment for non-marital sexual relations being so strict in Iran, even including the possibility of being stoned to death, it’s a wonder that there are still people who disregard the region’s punitive laws to fulfil their desires. Still, humans tend to gravitate towards the forbidden, so it’s not too surprising that the nation’s youth have found ways to circumvent the unreasonably stringent sexual restrictions of Persian society using the internet and exclusive orgy-filled house parties to get their rocks off in secret.

Finding Iranian sex bloggers is no easy feat, as they tend to congregate in the shadier areas of the web as opposed to Western social media personalities and webcam girls who have no problem openly sharing their desires with the world. Today, we’ll be “penetrating” the underground world of Farsi sex bloggers to give you a starting point in your search for Iranian naughtiness on the web:

Shavani Stories has become a leading site for Persian sexy stories, with a continually updated feed of “peace stories” that are accompanied by edgy photos of beautiful Iranian women. Blog posts written in Farsi and English tell erotic tales and provide social commentary about the state of sexuality in Iran. This is a unique platform that curates Iranian sex posts into a convenient format to keep the user from having to search the web for this kind of content. Iranian officials have expressed concern over the way the internet is being used to discard the nation’s sexuality laws, but there isn’t much that can be done with servers being located around the world and modern web users utilising tools like proxies to facilitate anonymity.

Roxana Shirazi

When it comes to journalists who frequently write about Iranian sexuality, few have gained more notoriety than Roxana Shirazi, a writer for the popular online news outlet VICE. She’s written numerous stories about Iran’s hidden sex parties and the X-rated culture that exists within the confines of Iran’s incredibly prohibitive society. Some of her most popular stories include Sex in Tehran – My First Iranian Orgy and Sex in Tehran – Death, Dishonor, and Gonorrhea. Reading the tales that Roxana shares provides a unique inside perspective on what it’s like to be a sex-craving millennial in Iran.

Ramita Navai

Ramita Navai is the author of the best-selling Amazon book entitled City of Lies: Love, Sex, Death, and the Search for Truth in Tehran. As a British-Iranian journalist, she has also tweeted and posted similar content in The Guardian as well as on her website – She’s also known for her post entitled High Heels and Hijabs: Iran’s Sexual Revolution, in which she discusses the methods that Iranian girls have used to get around the need to hold onto their virginity until marriage, including la-paee (which translates to thigh sex) and, of course, anal play in substitute of vaginal intercourse.

Breaking Rules is Human Nature

In closing, it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that a place which forces its women into sexual suppression actually has some of the most perverted youth in the world, as humans have always been naturally drawn towards the forbidden fruit.

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