Things Women Do That Men Find Irresistible

Things Women Do That Men Find Irresistible

What do men want? As a question frequently asked by women, it is clear that it is hard to understand what men want.

But, just before we get into what men want, you need to know that women want love and affection, as well as positive reinforcements from the external environment. This is related to findings which show that men’s right brain, also called the female brain have more than 50 percent more serotonin than that of the female right brain. It also turns out that unlike the Canadian Regulatory Consultant, serotonin is the hormone (neurotransmitter) responsible for happiness.

With that out of the way, let’s look at what makes a man hooked to a woman. Men are a bit complicated – it’s more than finding happiness from the environment.


Despite the macho looks, men look for kindness. While everyone seems kind in the beginning, that often changes as people know more about each other. Men like it if you don’t bash your exes, your friends, or the waitress. Yes, you could say that kindness is the new sexy.

Being open minded

If you think that you have answers to everything, then you are the reason why your relationships are failing. Men are attracted to curious, playful, and open-minded women. Also, women who don’t condemn or judge. Ladies, how about you lower your guard and be open to new perspectives?

High level of intelligence

According to men, nothing is sexier than a smart woman. Intelligence intertwines wittiness, ability to hold a conversation, thoughtfulness, and being educated. Also, being street smart, wise, and being emotionally intelligent wins you a large slot in a man’s heart and the brain.

An expressive woman

Psychologists discovered that self-expression is a fundamental human need. It isn’t just essential for our sanity and happiness but, it is also super attractive.

It is an admirable trait if a woman expresses their thoughts and feelings – if she speaks a mind. Note that even though introverted and shy, women who find healthy ways of expressing their feelings are attractive. It is also worth mentioning that speaking out is a fundamental way of enhancing mental health.

Also, it is important to note that expression isn’t in the form of words alone. One can express their thoughts and feelings through body language, cooking, poetry, painting, or dancing.


Even employers find confidence to be an irresistible quality in their new hires. It is also important to note that you can be confident without being arrogant and egoistic. You don’t have to belittle others to appear confident.

Confident women, the women who know themselves deep down, are attractive as they exude the ability to solve problems. Also, confident women know their worth, and they won’t accept anything less than they deserve. It turns out that men love this.


What are you passionate about? That thing that keeps you awake at night, and one you direct all your efforts towards, is sexy and attractive. Be passionate about your ideals, sport, cause, career, and even your political party. The energy and intensity you put into things you love make you admirable and attractive.

Women who are driven

Are you living your dream genuinely? Have you dedicated your life to that thing you are passionate about? Have you found your path, purpose, and your way?

Happiness, humility, creativity, and self-awareness are the other qualities that make women irresistible. Also, you don’t need to be a supermodel but, you should care about your presentation. You also need to inspire trust and respect. And, you should have a high level of integrity.

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