Three Reasons to Consider an Outdoor Wedding

Three Reasons to Consider an Outdoor Wedding

While a wedding is only one day, the memories you will have from this exciting event will last a lifetime right along with your marriage. Your family and close friends will keep these memories too as you all pour over the lovely pictures documenting your special day. 

While no one’s wedding day is 100 percent perfect flawless, your wedding can be as close to perfect as possible when you move things outdoors. While it might seem a little bit less traditional, here are three things about outdoor weddings to take into consideration before you choose a venue. 

Venues can quickly increase the price tag on your wedding, as they are often one of the most expensive parts of the bill. Unfortunately, money problems can be one of the main factors behind divorce and it can be a stressful way to begin a marriage if you are in debt from your wedding. An outdoor venue can save you a lot of money, and you have many possibilities of places to get married. Depending on the size of your guest list and geographical location, check with your local parks department, or state and national parks. You’ll have a fun and well maintained outdoor space and you’ll only have to pay for permit fees, saving you thousands of dollars. Botanical gardens are another affordable option, since many of these are also city or non-profit owned. Many of these places will have special areas for such events and will have power and water available. Of course, if you or a friend has a large backyard or a home with land around it, these places can make a great private venue that leaves you completely in charge of all aspects of your special day. 

Besides saving money on booking a venue, outdoor spaces can also help you save on flowers and decorations. When you are surrounded by beautiful garden flowers, bright gazebos, lush green canopies of trees, or dramatic landscapes, these spaces in a way decorate themselves. Use wedding rentals for things like tables, chairs, and table settings in the theme of your choice, add some ribbon and simple centerpieces, and you’ll have a setting that’s instantly ready for Pinterest and Instagram. 

Choosing an outdoor venue is also a great way to ensure that all of your wedding photos will be absolutely gorgeous. The setting adds a stunning backdrop to all of the pictures, and your photographer might be able to capture you and your guests during the “golden hour” for photography. Everyone will have healthy, glowing skin and there’s less chance of people blinking with camera flash or being photographed with dreaded red eyes. While outdoor venues might not save you money on your photographer, they definitely help you get the biggest bang for your buck. 

If you are looking to make the most out of your wedding budget yet still have your day be a memorable and beautiful event, an outdoor space might be the perfect location. While it seems less “classic”, your outdoor wedding can be classy and elegant. Best of all, you’ll be able to start your marriage off on the right foot when you still have money left over to use towards the next memorable steps in your life together.

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