Top 3 Tips To Keep the Fire Going in a Long-Term Relationship

Top 3 Tips To Keep the Fire Going in a Long-Term Relationship

No matter what kind of a committed relationship you’re in, be it marriage, living together with a significant other, spending 5+ years with the hottest guy you knew back in the old days, some things will inevitably change, and the passion you once felt for each other will fade. The stress of everyday life, the years that go by without you even noticing, the kids, and everything that follows in our adult lives takes its toll on our libido. Even if your particular situation isn’t that challenging, such as when your partner is in the military and often abroad, or disabled and you have to keep all those aspects of disabled dating on your mind constantly, there is no denying that time doesn’t do passion any favors.

Still, there are things we can all consciously do to keep the flame going, rekindle it if it fades, and work on our relationships to help them grow, and we discuss a few below.

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#1: Party All the Time

It definitely takes two to tango, and if you want to keep the fire going in your relationship or work on not letting it slip, you and your partner both have to be committed to that cause. That being said, doing all those things together that people in the honeymoon stage do is one of the sure ways to feel connected on that primal level.

For instance, ‘honeymooners’ love to go out every weekend and party until the wee hours, get drunk together and do naughty stuff to each other. In general, the dance floor + alcohol combo usually gets the job done no matter how well or little you two know each other. Set aside one night per week for date night, and make sure you both make an effort to impress the other person as if you had just met.

#2: Sexual Experimentation

Another thing that ‘young’ couples do is an experiment with their sexuality until no end. When was the last time you and your partner had sex three times in one night? Exactly.

And like we’ve mentioned above, passion will fade, but that doesn’t mean you have to be old farts at 35 if you’ve been together for a long time. Get new sex toys on your anniversary that you’ll try out two weeks later when you go out of town. Have you seen Fifty Shades of Gray? If not, watch it together. Plenty of movies out there (and TV shows too!) are full of explicit sex scenes that are unlikely to leave you feeling ‘too tired tonight, honey,’ if you’re not into watching porn. If, on the other hand, luscious Llithyia in Spartacus or Daenerys in Game of Thrones don’t do it for you, there is always good old Sunny Leone.

#3: Travel As Much As Possible

Your daily routine gets old pretty quickly, and it doesn’t do much for your libido so you need to break it as often as you can. One of the most effective ways to do that is to travel every chance you get, and it doesn’t even matter where or how far as long as you need to pack your bag, leave your house, and spend the night in a room and a bed you’ve never been in before. Notwithstanding, you don’t need to break the bank to do that because even a short weekend getaway to the next town over can do the trick. By all means, if tropical destinations aren’t out of your reach, you’ll help that fire of yours burn a lot longer in all the cute dresses, getting drunk together on a beach, going skinny-dipping, and…well…you know.

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