Top 4 Ways to Ensure She Falls for You Hard

Top 4 Ways to Ensure She Falls for You Hard

Dating is hard enough as it is, and the fear of rejection or a broken heart certainly doesn’t help. But take it from a girl who’s been through a lot, when you’ve got your sights set on a cutie you want to make yours, playing your cards right can make all the difference. She might not even like you at first, maybe you even have to get her to notice you, but once you do if your moves are killer you’ll basically become irresistible. At the very least you’ll know you’ve tried everything and will have no regrets in case you fail. We won’t focus on free dating online tips and tricks, but want to draw your attention to seducing a girl who is present in your offline life in whichever capacity.

#1: Try to Play it Cool

Making your intentions known as you play it cool is very tricky and that’s what separates boys from men, but fear not because there are little things that you can do to let her know how you feel without being pushy. Talk to her without showing too much interest in what she’s saying while still respecting the rules of a dialogue. Speak your mind and comment on what she’s talking about, offering your opinion on the topic of conversation that she chooses. Be yourself and act naturally without touching her yet or laughing hysterically at her jokes. Keeping the conversation going should be your goal in the early stages of courting. Yes, courting.

#2: Invite Her to a Social Gathering

Once you’ve established her trust, you can take things to the next level and invite her to a party your friends are throwing for whatever reason. Don’t act like it’s a date or in any way try to turn it into a date. You want her to see you in your environment and start to like you before even realizing she’s being courted. Keep your interactions friendly and only touch her when greeting her or saying goodbye. Remember, she still considers you her friend and you don’t want to breach that trust. Tell her to bring a few friends over, establishing that you’re not in fact asking her out. Spend as much time talking to her as you would with anyone else who joined your party.

#3: You Should Be Texting at this Point

It goes without saying that most relationships are started via texts. What you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t smother her with texts from the start, and this is another field where you should play it cool. Don’t ask any questions to start a conversation because that’s just so boring, plus it’s not like you’re interviewing her for anything. Send her a cheeky message that reads something like this, ‘mood: *insert like to good song describing your mood’. That’s a clear invitation to chat only it’s bound to inspire a much more playful conversation than a plain, ‘hey, what’s up’.

#4: The Grand Gesture

Finally, if steps 1-3 go smoothly and she goes along with it the time will come for the grand gesture. Remember, you don’t want to scare her or overdo it so careful with the word ‘grand’. The point is to show her unambiguously how you feel about her, and nothing else. Try something you’ve never tried before on any girl or in other words don’t recycle your old moves. For instance, send her a large enough bouquet of flowers with a card that says it all, ‘no hope, no agenda, just plain and simple crazy about you’. Keep it simple, romantic and clear. Don’t push her to respond because she’ll probably be taken aback and will need some time to digest what’s happened. Whatever she says afterwards, you should know you’ve tried your best and if she still doesn’t like you, that’s perfectly fine. But if she does you should go get her as soon as she rings you!

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