CIM is an acronym that stands for Cum In Mouth. It involves a man ejaculating in a woman’s mouth after pulling out while performing intercourse through a hand job or oral sex. CIM is a rather common sexual act practiced in most pornographic movies. Even so, you can still indulge in the experience by booking your preferred CIM escorts in London. Men generally enjoy seeing their partners swallow or play with their cum after they ejaculate. It is even more enjoyable particularly if the woman enjoys the taste of cum.

Is CIM Safe?

In general, most men would like to know whether indulging in the pleasures of CIM is safe or not. Swallowing cum, especially from a healthy man may actually be good for any professional escort. If you wish to identify the right girls offering the service, you can check out escort directories for recommendations of the highly skilled escorts. The girls swallowing cum may benefit from the concentrated amounts of protein, natural sugars, minerals, and numerous other nutrients. Seminal fluid contains mostly proteins and fructose. However, the slightly bleachy odor of semen is caused by the alkaline PH and chlorine. While it’s mild enough for the vagina, it is still mild in the mouth and throat.

Since the human body is a machine, you basically get out what you consume. Therefore, if you wish to make your cum taste better prior to a date with your preferred CIM escorts in London, then you can do the following for an even better experience.

  • Drink Lots Of Juice

Sweet things generally taste better; so you might want to consider loading up on cranberry juice or pineapple juice. By drinking juice, you effectively eliminate the salty taste of cum, thereby making the taste more pleasant. You can be sure that the escort you hire for CIM service will enjoy the taste of your cum in her mouth.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water

Semen comprises mostly of water. Therefore, drinking plenty of water helps to dilute its nasty taste and makes the taste more bearable.

  • Avoid Coffee

Cum is mostly salty and while coffee is a wonderful beverage, it creates a bitter after-taste. Since we’ve already presented with you with options of things to drink, you should remember to choose wisely if you intend to indulge in the pleasures of CIM.

  • Avoid Foods with Strong Smells

Foods with strong tastes such as onion, garlic, and asparagus create a nasty taste. Therefore, several days before you book your appointment with a CIM escort and bust a nut in her mouth, eliminate these foods from your diet. If you think about it, you do realize that it isn’t much of a sacrifice, especially if you consider the mind-blowing pleasure that will be quite rewarding.

  • Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes

If you plan to get this kind of mind-blowing action and you’ve made arrangements by contacting the CIM girls recommended by a reputable escorts directory, then you should put off your drinking and smoking habits for a while. These smell awful and it is highly unlikely that they will taste any better when they reach your cum.

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Enjoy an Amazing CIM Service With A Beautiful Escort

Through experience, you’ll quickly discover that fellatio, especially with a drop dead gorgeous woman is one of the most pleasant things and among life’s greatest pleasures. While jizzing in a woman’s hair feels amazing, nothing comes quite as close to unloading your juices in her mouth as she looks you straight in your eyes. This is where CIM escorts come in to help. Since the women love to have cock in their mouth, you’re guaranteed mind-blowing blowjobs you’ve been fantasizing about without interruptions.

The girls love the taste of dick and take pleasure in running their tongues over your deep throbbing cock until you unleash your load. A professional CIM escort can deep throat you to the point that you convulse with immense pleasure.


If you constantly fantasize about experiencing the pleasures of CIM, especially from beautiful ladies, then you shouldn’t put off the idea for any longer. Our CIM escorts in London are desperate enough to have you bust a nut in their mouths and let it trickle down their throats.

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