We Need Shoes in Adult Videos

We Need Shoes in Adult Videos

You have probably asked yourself why the actors in your favorite adult videos need their shoes on in the entire video. Is it really necessary? Actually, yes it is necessary. It is not in vain that all the videos that have almost one million hits have a girl with her shoes on, or the guy in the stylish tuccipolo luxury shoes. The question is, do they add value to porn videos? As a matter of fact they do!

  1. Standing positions

If you are into standing missionary and any other styles that involve standing, you should be thanking that elegant pair of heels. I mean, it made this possible. The actors will most of the time have different heights. Where the girl is shorter, it might be challenging to give you the perfect view: unless she is in a pair of quality heels. The actors will look like clowns if the shoes cannot offer them stability. Do you know why you are getting the perfect and practical view of the doggy style? The girl is in a pair of lovely heels.

  1. Cum on shoes

You wouldn’t be having that tag on porn sites if someone wasn’t wearing shoes: quite obvious right? If you are not yet into foot fetish, then you need to know that cumming on shoes is a thing. Some folk will hold on to this, ‘If they are no shoe-cumshots then I am not watching it.’ That is when you realize that shoes in videos hold the same importance as the actors! Some of us have a burning urge to finish off at her shoes: can’t blame us.

  1. Romping in heels? Sexy!

The girl does not necessarily have to be short for the guy to get to enjoy the sexy. You can agree with me on this one. Stripping off all her clothes only leaving the heels on is absolutely hot. A turn on that most of you cannot deny.

And just like that, we need heels in those videos.

  1. Fetish

If you have been keen, you must have noticed that shoes are always featured in almost all of the adult videos that you have come across. Well, it does make a lot of sense. I mean, what’s femdom minus the girl wearing a black pair of heels, sexy lingerie and maybe a mask? It would probably not live up to the hype. There is just something about having a pair of classic heels on. For some, they cannot give a proper explanation as to why they would feel incomplete without those.

Some will tell you how badly they would want to be ordered to lick the soles, gag on shoes and be stepped on their faces by the beauty in heels.

Now you know why you should stop taking heels, boots and other magnificent pairs for granted. The tags are there for a reason. You could put shoe fetish to the test and have a feel of the fantastic kink!

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