Webcam sex – should you remove your clothes?

Webcam sex – should you remove your clothes?

Okay so we’ve all seen stories about people getting naked for a stranger in front of a webcam, only to be blackmailed later down the line. It has become a fear for some, and those sort of events make us want not to trust people we have just met online. To be perfectly honest, you shouldn’t just trust anyone you’ve just met online, after all you don’t know them and so you shouldn’t trust them with your intimacy. The question is: how far does this go, and is it still okay to get naked in front of your webcam for some naughty fun? Like everything else in life, there is a time and a place, and you just need to know when it’s okay and when it’s not.

This is not okay

So you’re browsing on social media when suddenly you get a new friend request. You check it out, only to find this really sexy chick pouting at the camera with a selfie that shows a bit of here advantages (AKA: her breasts). You decide to accept her friend request and pretty much right away she tells you she is horny and wants to get down with it right now. She video-calls you and starts getting her own clothes off, all for the pleasure of your eyes. Naturally you wish to return the courtesy so you do the same. She does her thing, you do your thing then the conversation cuts. You then receive a message telling you to wire some money to a certain address or else a video of you touching your bits will be released to your whole social media, including friends a family. Yep, you’ve just been conned.

What just happened?

The girl you thought you were speaking to was probably never there to start with, it is most likely just a dude scamming you from some remote country. The video of the girl getting naked was a pre-recorded one; but you weren’t able to tell on the moment because of all the excitement. If you were having a normal video conversation then you would have been able to tell the disconnect between the two of you, but in the heat of the moment it is actually quite possible to think that there is an exchange when in fact it is just a big trap.

So what did we learn?

If people randomly contact you on social media, just deny anyone you don’t know. Sexy women don’t just randomly contact you because they found your Facebook page and they fancy you; that’s simply not how things work in life. You don’t know them so don’t trust them; especially not with your intimacy. Now we understand that the heat of the moment can make people do stupid things but we’re not just animals, we have a brain. Use yours, because ultimately, if it’s too good to be true then it is!

When is it okay then?

So you’ve been spending time looking for naughty dates online on sites like Sex With No Strings US site, and you’ve found someone who is interested in you. Of course you want to have fun with them, and webcam sex is a great way to break the ice. So what should you do? Well it’s pretty simple: take your time to know them a bit. We’re not talking about talking for months, but just message them and establish communication until you get a good sense that this person is real. Over time you will develop enough trust that you will be able to have real live webcam sex and you know you won’t be doing it in front of a pre-recorded video. Use your brain, be patient and eventually you will get the rewards from it. Basically there is a time and a place for webcam sex, and that place is not social media, and the time is not now. Reach out to real sex communities where the real action happens and people are on the same level as you. Sex can be brainy at times, and this is one of those times where you need to stay sharp.

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