What Makes Video Chat Dating Better Than Other Types of Online Dating?

What Makes Video Chat Dating Better Than Other Types of Online Dating?

If you’ve been to many online dating sites, you know that you get to see a couple of photographs, a few of their hobbies, and a list of what they’re looking for in a dating partner on their profile. Then, you chat with them and hopefully learn a little bit more about them. But you never really know if they’re telling the truth until you meet them in person. When you video chat, you’ll know right away more about them before you commit to meeting them, and here are a few more reasons that video dating is better than other types of online dating.

You’ll Know That She Looks Like Her Pictures

One of the sad truths about online dating is that the pictures that you’re looking at might not even look like the actual person. For all you know, some guy might have put up a bunch of pictures of a model that he found online. And even if the pictures really are her, they might be from 10 years ago. When you’re dating, attraction matters, and looks are a part of that attraction. When you video date, you’ll know that you’re talking to a real person.

You’ll Hear Her Voice

The way that a person speaks is just as important as what they say. When you video date, you actually hear the other person’s voice. Not only do you get to learn more about them in less time, but the experience is so much better. It’s more fun to actually talk to someone than type on a screen and hope that the other person isn’t trying to make themselves seem better or different than what they are. You get to decide if you like the person.

You’ll Know That She’s Solely Focused on You

When you date online, you might not know if she’s talking to her sister as she’s talking to you. When you video date, you can see that she’s only thinking about you. There aren’t any other distractions, and she doesn’t have a boyfriend hanging out in the background.

Video dating is so much better than other forms of online dating. It’s fun, and you can take as much or as little time with each person as you want. It’s also a quick way to verify that you’re talking to a real person who matches their description. So why not give it a try? You’ll experience the difference right away.

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