What Women Want In Bed

What Women Want In Bed


This is $ 1 million question and nearly every guy who is interested in pleasing his partner in bed want to know about those mistakes he may be making unknowingly. These mistakes are serious – yet avoidable.

A recent survey about the satisfaction level in bed reveals that most men do not have good skills in lovemaking, but on the contrary, they think that they are the best to satisfy sexy big boobs woman. Most of them even do not follow the fundamentals of love makingand this leads them to make some serious mistakes.

Here are a couple of the avoidable mistakes you may be making unknowingly.

Silent play

Most men are silent whether they are in office, hanging out with their friends or in bed. Whatever the circumstances are, they tend to stay silent. If you are silent during the entire sexual act, then it signifies that you are distancing yourself from your partner. You may find it okay, but on the other hand, this may make your women alienated. Your silence makes her ponder over the fact whether she is good enough to please you and satisfy you.

You do not need to exaggerate, but at least you are supposed to make her understand that you are enjoying every bit of it. Even if you are a silent guy, occasional moaning will not harm you in anyway.

The importance of foreplay

The importance of foreplay cannot be overlooked. Kissing sexy big boobs womanhere and there, as you both are undressing will show your desperation. Your desperation to start the penetration will not bring any golden points for you. You need to start slowly, enjoy every aspect of it. Enjoy the feeling of being together and feel each other’s breaths. While undressing, do not act in haste, you can opt for reciprocal oral sex. This will make your sexual encounter even more fulfilling and satisfying.

Find out what she wants

If you have a perception that aggressive pelvic gyration is the only thing, you have to do to satisfy her. If you think that it will help her to achieve orgasm, then you are wrong because women are sensitive souls. They want deep emotion, appreciation and feeling. So rather than thrusting your partner from beginning to the end, perform the act as she directs you. Women do not ask to do the things rather they show their interest by looking on their body parts. If your partner is looking on her boots, then this is a clear sign that she wants you to touch them


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