Why Do Married Men Buy Sex?

The relationship has gone a separation and the connection that they had is no longer strong as it used to be. This is the typical case whose man feels dissatisfaction and finds another woman to fulfill his needs. Why do married men buy sex? We are still figuring it out, it can be the best option to each on in different conditions, because, in this way, he wouldn’t create affection with the person that gives him the paid service and it would be the best option for him to not create more problems in his affective life.

Why Do Married Men Buy Sex and Also Why Is So Frequent Nowadays

We have to take a look at the relationship to see, in some way, what is the problem or problems that have led the man to be unmoral to his wife. There are many factors to take into considerations; for example:

Sexual fantasies: if a man have some sexual fantasies that wants to experience and his wife doesn’t want to take part in those fantasies, the man might feel frustration for their unfulfilled wishes or in the another hand, the man is afraid to tell his wife about his sexual fantasies because he would think that the relationship can be affected if he reveals his hidden fantasies to his wife.

Sexual inhibition: the man doesn’t have a well sexual performance with his couple and he seeks through a sexual service, that his performance can be developed and improved.

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Other sexual orientations: The man it is discovering a part of his sexuality that he did not know and wants to experience with another person of his same-sex, through a sexual service, without getting emotionally attached

In other cases. some wives might be suffering frigidity and he starts to feel frustrated without received the desired pleasure that he wants.

Some married men by buying sex believe that the society has taught them that having sex with many women it is permitted, which ca be known as a form of “machismo”

At least one of each 10 men believes that as a man, he has the right to have other sexual partners and she doesn’t.

Actually, media shows women as “something” that can be bought or sell, showing a prototype of women that i can be idealized by some men and want to have an experience with them.

In many religion in which sex is forbidden, the man sees the repressed desire as something that it has to be surpassed, and then, they fall in the sin.

In some countries, as Holland, married men buy sex; prostitution and a level escorts are allowed in certain places, giving an easy possibility to married men to buy sex. This allowance makes things easier for men, taking out the worries relation to legal issues.


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