Why do women go for oral sex?

Why do women go for oral sex?

Couples and particularly women believe that oral sex is one of the most wonderful expressions of desire, love, and intimacy of a partner or a lover. The act of providing oral sex can really develop sensations all through your woman’s body which will always end up enhancing and increasing excellent feelings of sexual pleasure. According to some women, they get more aroused when they get oral sex compared to other kinds of foreplay activities. Actually, it is extremely sexy to witness someone else experiencing high sexual pleasure. However, for getting the maximum enjoyment from proposing oral sex to your women, you need to be remarkably mindful and remain present during your acts.

The simple steps to give oral sex

When you wish to know how to give oral sex to a woman you must keep in mind some vital points like:

  • Make your lady in the comfort zone – This is highly important to put your lady in a comfort zone. When she isn’t relaxed, then you will never enjoy your acts.
  • Get to know about the ideal position – Your woman might know the position in which she would be comfortable and when she is open to suggestions, then you can put a pillow under her butt for lifting her pelvis up and it will provide you with greater leverage. Additionally, it will make you feel excellent.
  • Tease her with your tongue – You ought to begin off with your teasing manner initially, and a little lick of your tongue which goes up and down seems to be good. You should begin by licking her thighs to slowly move down with increased speed and intensity.
  • Read her body – It is highly important to read her body. By this it is meant, you must monitor her breathing and pay huge attention to the moving of her hips.
  • Hold the vibration – You should put the vibrator on her clitoral hood to spend some time licking her labia portion.

Observing the actions

The process of how to give oral sex to a woman isn’t very easy as people think it to be. You are highly required to begin increasing pressure besides increasing speed. There are some women who love a side-to-side tongue motion whereas some like an upward and downward rhythm. You must always judge your movement grounded on your lady’s response. However, no matter what you do, but you should never jab at her like a machine gun.

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